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Fiona Grignard

Psychologist & Coach. Among other things.


- Get to know me -

- Professional -

My life is too short to "fit in the mould"

Trained psychologist and Life Coach, I thrive to guide my clients to break free from their personal limitations, learn to love themselves fully, and dare to create what makes their ❤︎ sing.

On top of that, I'm also Human Resources Director, Process Communication trainer, and yoga and breathwork teacher.

I created My Yellow Horizon to help others deal with a challenge that I was myself confronted to:

▷ to find their place

▷ to overcome fears and blockages

▷ to tap into what they deeply want

▷ to create a life that truly resonates

- Personal -

A bright smile and a rock-solid trust in life

I am a forever student who looks at life as a game for my personal growth. I find my energy in new experiences, adventures and travels to the unknown. 

I am absolutely passionate about all things psychology and interpersonal relations. I always have a book in my hands, a podcast in my ears, a documentary in front of my eyes, or a new challenge in my head (and a glass of wine in my hand, but that's another topic).

To blossom, I need nature, time to myself, travel plans, good food, humor, and a touch of folly.


Oh yeah, and even though I work on scientifically proven stuff, I'm the kind of person who talks to the Universe.

(There, now you know!)


You are the creator of your life,

not the manager of your circumstances.                       

A. Robbins

- Personality -

Results from a very serious survey to my friends







Free spirit

- Personality Profiles -

Only if you know what I'm talking about of course 

Harmoniser (Process Comm)
Influencer / Inspirer (DISC)
Base 7 (Ennéagram)
(Human Design)

- Fun Facts -

Things you might not know about me

(nor actually need to!)

Solo Traveler

My best travel experiences include diving in the Great Barrier Reef, learning to surf in OZ, hiking the Great Wall of China, swimming with wild dolphins in Mexico and a 2’50” apnea dive in Bali.

Food Lover

As a traveler, I have a soft spot for exotic cuisines.

My Top #3 :

Indian, Mexican & Middle Eastern cuisines 

Former Dancer

At university I was dancing up to 9h/week!  

Hip-hop, salsa, contemporary, break dance & flamenco.

Shark Phobic

When I was little, I had to make sure even the swimming pools were shark-free.


I took my PADI to overcome my fear and it (kinda) helped. 

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