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The Blooming Badass

Embark on a journey of

personal transformation


 You want to transform yourself but you don’t know where to start

 You’re not ready for 1:1 coaching or that's not exactly what you are looking for at the moment

 You need accountability to pursue your personal development 

 You want to go deeper than just reading a book 

 You want to learn + experiment and be immersed in a topic for a whole month 

Every two months,

I take you with me on a journey to let your inner badass bloom! 

In four weeks, we will cover one personal development topic


It’s all about evolution and deep growth, in a fun and bright environment. 

When I started my personal development journey, I was overwhelmed. I didn’t know where to start. Also, it felt quite alone, to read all those books and to “work on myself”. I’d start a new book, full of hope and excitement, but I’d inevitably drop it the last 50 pages. 


I needed accountability but I didn’t know where to find it.


Also, even though I did get a personal coach at different times of my evolution, not every situation or every moment of my life called for a 1:1 program. I would join workshops and events, but they usually lasted only 1 or 2 days, so that didn’t help either. 


What if working on
ourselves could also be fun?!

 If you want to start your personal development journey but don’t really know where to begin

 If you are already ahead but you would like to be surrounded by other people with the same mindset and attitude

 If you want a real deep dive where you will learn theory but also get to practice and integrate it into your daily life

 If you want to work with me but aren’t quite ready for a 1:1 program. 


Then I’m sure you will love

the Blooming Badass experience


You are exactly in the right place and I’m super excited that you’re here.


I believe there are no coincidences, only appointments...

Blooming Badass Experience

Embark on a journey of personal transformation


In practice, what you get:

▷ 4 live sessions/month 

▷ Access to all the replays

▷ Immediate and actionable tips and exercises that you will be able to use now and during your whole life

▷ A like-minded Facebook Community with the other inspiring badasses. (Because I’ll give you a spoiler : one of the key things to do to grow, is to surround yourself with inspiring people who are on the same path and who will cheer on you) 

1 month deep dive into a specific topic with live coaching every week for 4 weeks on the topic of the month. 

▷ September: Change your habits change your life


▷ October: Heal from your past & get unstuck


▷ December: Assess 2021 and prepare for a Blooming 2022



Get the FULL Blooming Badass Experience for 234€ instead 333€


  • Sign up now for the next 3 experiences

  • Get access to the Facebook group for additional support

  • Get access to the replays of each Experience

  • Stay accountable for your personal development throughout the year 

  • Keep your learning and growth active for maximum results to stay  

Pay Per Experience for 111€

  • If you rather pay per experience you can sign up for the one you wish 

  • Get access to the Facebook Group for additional support

  • Access the replays for that specific experience 

Change Your Habits, Change Your Life

Starting September 1

September carries a similar energy than January. It is a great time to start a new routine. To go after what you really want.


We are beings of habits. The way we eat, the exercise we do - or don't - , the business we are trying to start... They all depends on the habits we have! 


During these 4 weeks, we are taking a deep look into our habits and learn:

▷ Practical tips & tools to make a routine stick!

▷ Why routines and habits in the past have not been sticking! We will take a deeper look at our nervous system and our mental blocks making new habits impossible to stick


Working with Fiona has been as pleasant as helpful for me. A few months ago, I decided to jump on this coaching adventure with her as I needed help to figure out what I really wanted for my next professional chapter. Four months after our first session, I am still using the very useful tools and tips she gave me. Fiona is first and foremost guided by the eagerness to give you the tailor-made guidance you need. She is gonna challenge you in a very efficient, considerate, and indulgent way. If questioning your life or your next professional challenge is not easy, you can 100% count on Fiona's professionalism and kindness to accompany you the best she can!

Coline P.

After working with Fiona, I have managed to integrate a form of "lightness", a distance in approaching the difficulties that I happen to encounter. The tools that I have learnt while working with Fiona have made a huge impact on my daily life.

Her knowledge, open-mindedness, and curiosity really impressed me and made working with her a true pleasure.


Manu C. 

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Time to wake up your inner badass! I know it's there!

I can't wait to connect with you throughout the year and build this amazing community together.

And remember, Luck is an attitude...

Your Biggest Supporter,


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