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The Blooming Leader

Let Your Female Self-Confidence Flourish at Work 


▷ Do you want to shine your true light? 

Do you know deep down you are ready for more?

Do you want to overcome fears and obstacles and go for your dreams? 


What if you could create a personal transformation and become the leader of your life in just 3 months?


What if you could make 2021 the year of endless possibilities?

A 3-month transformative exclusive online coaching

A small group of women. A space where you feel seen and supported and where you can GROW.

Come along on this journey to become unlimited.

Are you ready to define WHO you want to BEcome?


And make it a reality this year?

Then this is made for YOU. 

We are starting June 2021!

The coaching program my

27-year-old self desperately needed! 

I've created this program because this is exactly what I needed a few years ago.

As I see a lot of inspiring women around me dimming their lights because they do not fit in the current societal model, I realized I needed to birth this project sooner than later!

My story

A few years ago, while I was still a “young and innocent professional”, my life seemed very good on the outside. 

But really, I was dying from the inside. 

I was sad, I was living for my next holiday, and I couldn't help but think there had to be something better to life than this. 

Things started to radically change for me when


I understood that every single one of my beliefs, my thoughts, my decisions, and my actions were:


  1. creating my results

  2. my own responsibility

Therefore, my. results. were. my. own. responsibility. 

The bitter taste in my mouth slowly disappeared as I changed my perspective, and my whole life started to transform, on all levels, as I was taking the power back within me. I created a new life, with a new partner, 2 new jobs that I love so very much, my relationships with my friends and family improved.


But mainly, I feel inspired. I'm excited to live this beautiful life. I am beyond grateful. I keep growing and growing and I can't get enough. 


And this is exactly what I offer to you today.

You can be a blooming leader, too

I will teach you all the learnings I’ve made during the last few years, that allowed me to go from the stuck, unconfident young woman who always played small, to the solar and inspired Coach and HR director who goes after her dreams, and who does it with a big smile. 


Image by Becca Tapert

It's time to
stop playing small. 

What is The Blooming Leader Mastermind


A very comprehensive group training and mentoring on how to take the lead of your life and become who you really are. 

It's time to 

✔︎ Love yourself & Become your best ambassador


✔︎ Make the changes that you want to see in your life


✔︎ Take on the challenges that will allow you to shine 

✔︎ Create the habits that will really serve you  

✔︎ Become full of joy, inspiration and gratitude


✔︎ Dare to go chase those dreams of yours

3 months of exclusive online coaching and training

in 11 live sessions (+ replays to watch anytime)


Topics we will cover:

  • Creating and keeping the right mindset

  • The power of your subconscious mind, the law of attraction, and how to reprogram your mind

  • How to use the Process Communication Model to know yourself, communicate better, take care of your own needs and understand and avoid your stress behavior

  • How to create the right habits for personal success

  • How to manage your emotions and use them as a tool and overcome your fears

  • How to deal with challenges, setbacks and difficult moments

  • Loving yourself unconditionally and be the real you, even at work

  • And more...

In practice, you get:

  • Pre-recorded videos every week

  • Live training & coachings every week

  • Breatwhork & meditation sessions to rewire your subconscient to create your new reality

  • Your own Process Communication Personality Profile and Action Plan (worth 100€) 

  • Direct access to me for questions during the whole 3 months 

  • Inspiring experts who will share their own learnings and experience

  • Immediate and actionable tips, exercises & challenges  that you will be able to use now and during your whole life

  • The support from an Private Facebook Community with the other inspiring women in the training.
    (Because I’ll give you a spoiler: one of the key things to grow is to surround yourself with inspiring people who are on the same path and who will cheer you on)

Investment in yourself:

For individuals & entrepreneurs: 999€ tax included (or 355€ x 3) 

For corporate organizations: 1222€ before tax

Bonus #1 : 

Get access to the Blooming Badass Experiences 

On Self-confidence (May 2021 + replays)

+ Happy & healthy Relationships (July 2021 + replays)

(worth 222€

Bonus #2 : 

If you join the mastermind with a friend:

You will both get a sweeeeet discount of 222€ OFF per person!

Message me for more info! 

We are starting beginning of June 2021!


Working with Fiona has been as pleasant as helpful for me. A few months ago, I decided to jump on this coaching adventure with her as I needed help to figure out what I really wanted for my next professional chapter. Four months after our first session, I am still using the very useful tools and tips she gave me. Fiona is first and foremost guided by the eagerness to give you the tailor-made guidance you need. She is gonna challenge you in a very efficient, considerate, and indulgent way. If questioning your life or your next professional challenge is not easy, you can 100% count on Fiona's professionalism and kindness to accompany you the best she can!

Coline P.

After working with Fiona, I have managed to integrate a form of "lightness", a distance in approaching the difficulties that I happen to encounter. The tools that I have learnt while working with Fiona have made a huge impact on my daily life.

Her knowledge, open-mindedness, and curiosity really impressed me and made working with her a true pleasure.


Manu C. 

Convinced, yet?

This is all based on my true story.

Go back to read my experience and see if you can relate! 



  • Why a group training? Because being in a group is so interesting for many reasons. It allows to make new connections and friendships with people who are on the same journey with the same mindset. Listening to others ask their own questions or talk about their own situation is so important because they are your mirror. You can be sure they will ask questions that you can relate to, they will bring up different and/or similar situations allowing you to get a new perspective on what you are living. Some will even trigger you, and that’s even better because it will allow you to dig into the reason behind it, helping you to grow even faster. It offers an inestimable support that is crucial when you’re working on yourself. You can ask for advice, help, or a pep talk to other women who really have your back and will cheer you on. And of course, it’s also cheaper than having to go through the same process in a 1:1. 

  • This is not the right time for me. Will there be another chance to take this training? 
    At this moment, I haven’t planned a rerun of this training, so I cannot promise there will be one. However, if there is, I can guarantee that the price will be higher and that it will never be as cheap as it is today. Also, remember that there is no such thing as “the right time” and that most often than not, this is probably a trick from your mind to keep you from getting out of your comfort zone. Let’s discuss this if you want to find a way out. 

  • Is it better to do this training alone, or can I enroll a friend of mine too? 
    Yessss, bring your friends with you! The more the merrier, but mainly, if your friends join too, this means that you will have people close to you with the same skills and mindset as you, and that can only be an advantage in the long run for all of you. Plus, if you bring a friend, you actually both get a discount. Make sure to message me for more info! 

  • How is the training tailored to my own needs? 
    You will have the possibility to ask all your questions during the live call, and even to be coached live on your specific situation. You can also ask your questions in the group in between the live sessions, and I’ll answer them. 

  • You say there will be live coaching, what if I don’t want to be coached in front of everyone? 
    That’s completely up to you. I won’t force participation if you’re shy, even though it is highly beneficial. 

  • I’m not sure I’ll have the time or energy to follow the pace of 1X/week. 
    That’s why I’m planning 3 lives per month and I give you 1 week of break each month. Because I know it can be a lot to take and to apply. So if you’re a little behind, you have time to catch up. But if even that feels too intense, you can take as long as you want and watch the replays of the lives at your own pace. 

  • I want to ask my company to pay for this training. 
    That’s a great idea, and I’m sure your company will highly benefit from you taking this training. 
    However, if you don’t dare right now to ask them, I’ll train you to do it during the training…

Are you interested and want to stay in the loop? Leave me your email.

No pressure, no engagement, that will leave you time to think about it

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Let the leader in you finally bloom 

Let's reach more than your professional goals this year.

This transformation will impact both your personal and professional life. 

I can't wait to go on this journey with you!

And remember, Luck is an attitude...

Your Biggest Supporter,

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