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Company Consulting

Coaching, training and HR consulting for the bold company that wants to influence the world in a radically human way

Leadership Coaching

Let's develop your managers to become courageous leaders, able to inspire, engage and motivate the people working with them.

Human Resources Consulting

For SME's willing to professionalize their People processes and/or build a new HR department. 

It's time we integrate your values and beliefs while taking care of your most important asset : your people. 

Team Building & Company Event

Out-of-the-ordinary events are great moments to bring extra-ordinary, interesting yet fun activities. 

Whether you want your team to leave your event inspired, moved, energized, let's create a moment they will not forget. 

Human Skills Training

Hard skills are generally the focus during your employee's studies, but human competencies are most of the time your teams' biggest challenges. 

Most people's problems are people problems.

Let's give them the right tools to unleash your team's potential and collaboration and allow them to focus on what really matters to have a bigger impact. 


Topics : Communication, Conflicts, Relationships building, Emotion regulation, stress management...

Process Communication Model : the detailed yet easy to remember personality model that teaches us how to relate to ourselves and others, our needs and how to get out our stress patterns. So incredibly useful. 

Read more about it here


Your most valuable and full-of-potential employees are generally both ambitious and eager to receive guidance. But sometimes, their managers don't have the time, resources, capacity or even desire to take in that role on top of theirs. In those cases, external mentoring and coaching is the perfect solution. 

Let's be creative

You're thinking of something new / creative / different?  Let's talk, maybe we can make it happen together. 

Company consulting is always tailor-made to your specific needs

Let's talk

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