Mind & Body

When you can't talk about it,

you gotta move it!

Everything was going well in my life.




I felt deeply emotional and fragile.

I'm going to many things and i'm uncovering so much


positive attitude vs blockage.


Coaching wasn't enough, Mental wasn't enough. I needed the use of my body.

In my own development journey, I gained understandings of how our brains work, how our past can keep us stuck, and the processes and tools to free ourselves and finally become the Badass we truly are deep down. 

My aim here is not to give you a quick fix nor to hold your hand through each and every single challenge that you are facing.

On the opposite, I aim for you to gain the same knowledge and understanding of how you work and what you want so that you can create your personal toolbox and become independent while surfing your own life. 

In my coaching sessions, I mix mentoring and training, where I teach you what I know (how to regulate your emotions, retrain your subconscious mind to create a new reality, gain self-confidence, heal from your past wounds, etc.) and coaching where we use my tried and approved exercises to tackle your current challenges. 

3 to 6 months of support

to start or deepen your personal transformation


✔︎ 4 online coaching sessions/month

✔︎ Sessions are between 1h to 1h30 - I never book clients back to back. I want to make sure to offer you the space and time you need to process the information we are going through together.


✔︎ Access to all the ongoing Blooming Badass Experiences (value = € 111 each)

✔︎ We'll use the Process Communication Model (PCM) to go deeper into your personality, your strengths, but also your needs and your stress behaviors. It's a very detailed and concrete model that you will be able to implement right away, in all spheres of your life.

You will get your own PCM inventory (value = 100) + your personalized Action Plan 

✔︎ 1 Breathwork session every 2 months to deepen your transformation on a physical and emotional level (value = € 111 each)

✔︎ Whatsapp access via text or voice note in between sessions for additional support. (value = priceless :-) ) 

✔︎ 1 follow-up session 1 to 2 months after the last session as a booster shot (value = € 111 ) 

✔︎ Access to my extensive list of resources to support you.




In some specific cases or if you want to try it out first, we can do a deep dive session. This is a one-off session where we dig deep into your specific question or topic. 

You get out of it with your own personalized action plan to the the lead on your transformation. 

This is available for you for 144€/session of up to 2 hours (without the bonuses of the package).


Working with Fiona has been as pleasant as helpful for me. Few months ago, I decided to jump on this coaching adventure with her as I needed help to figure out what I really wanted for my next professional chapter. Four months after our first session, I am still using the very useful tools and tips she gave me. Fiona is first and foresmost guided by the eagerness to give you the tailor made guidance you need. She is gonna challenge you in a very efficient, considerate and indulgent way. If questioning your life or your next professional challenge is not easy, you can 100% count on Fiona's professionalism and kindness to accompany you the best she can!

Coline P.

After working with Fiona, I have managed to integrate a form of "lightness", a distance in approaching the difficulties that I happen to encounter. The tools that I have learnt while working with Fiona have made a huge impact on my daily life.

Her knowledge, openmindness and curiosity really impressed me and made working with her a true pleasure.


Manu C.