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Company Trainings & Consulting

Coaching, training and consulting for the bold company that wants to influence the world in a radically human way.
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Leadership & Human Competences

You want to get the best of your team, who doesn't? 

Productivity, innovation, communication, problem-solving, vitality...  for all these abilities to manifest, we need body and mind at work in the best way possible. 

Your most valuable and full-of-potential employees are generally both ambitious and eager to receive guidance.

But oftentimes, their managers don't have the time, resources, capacity or even desire to take in that role on top of theirs. 

External mentoring and coaching is the perfect solution for that.

Let's give your team the understanding and tools they need to deliver their best work while feeling accomplished and fulfilled. 

HR Consulting

For SME's willing to professionalize their People processes build a new HR department & create a coherent People strategy


Improving company culture goes deeper and beyond yoga classes and free snacks...


Instead, let's

✓ Create a culture where you employees can really thrive, based on the core human needs (physiological and psychological) to nourish your team's mental and physical energy and make them feel that their work contributes to their desire for meaning, fulfillment and pride.


✓ Facilitate communication between your current managers and the new generation of employees and reconcile their visions to find a unique blend that builds on the strengths of both ways of working, combining collaboration, rigor, ambition, open-mindedness and adaptability.


Find your WHY

Find out what makes you get out of bed in the morning. Based on Simon Sinek's work. 

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Attachment Styles

Understand how you create relationships, why some of them are sometimes more complicated and how to feel secure and at peace in your connections with others.

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Internal Family System®

The tool that changed my life!

Address blockages and eventual traumas preventing you from going forward smoothly.

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The Blue Zones®

And my 5+6 (not so) boring tips. Create the building blocks for more vitality and a healthier, longer life.

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Process Communication Model®

The hands-on personality model to understand how you work at your best.


Many neuroscience-backed tools

Meet your needs, improve your focus, reach your goals, do the things when it makes the most sense for you and feel more energetic and recharged.

Company consulting is always tailor-made to your specific needs

Let's talk

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