The No-Therapy Express Couple Coaching

3 sessions to rekindle the spark in your relationship

  • Do you feel like your relationship has lost the sparkles?

  • Do you feel like you could be happier together? Maybe your communication isn't optimal and causing unnecessary conflicts? 

  • Do you feel like your partner doesn’t understand you and you don't get them either?


  • Everything is going pretty well in your relationship but you'd love to go even deeper?

  • You want to invest in your foundation to have even more tools to understand each other and thrive as a couple?

You are exactly at the right place!

The No-Therapy Express Couple Coaching

3 sessions to rekindle the spark in your relationship 


  • Understand each other better

  • Improve your communication

  • Enjoy a fun and light relationship

Are you ready to learn to communicate more efficiently to prevent and diffuse conflicts?

The No-Therapy Express Couple Coaching uses the PCM (Process Communication Model) personality inventory to understand who you and your partner are, how you work as individuals*, what is important to you & what triggers you.

NOT a one-size-fits-all coaching


You and your partner are both very unique. The combination of both your personalities makes your relationship like no other.

This is why I offer a highly personalized coaching as I use both your PCM personality inventories to share unique advice.


*the results of the PCM test are also going to be very beneficial for other areas of your life such as your career, friendships, family, etc. 

Is this for you?


Whether you have been in a relationship for years, or you just started dating...


Whether you are perfectly 100% happy or feel like you are missing something in your relationship...


This No-Therapy Express Couple Coaching is made for couples who don't need a "real couple therapy" but are looking to rekindle the spark in their relationship. A little "coup de pouce" to help you both and keep growing your relationship. 

What to do after the honeymoon phase? 

Did you know the honeymoon phase typically lasts from 12 to 14 months? It is normal then that after a while couples feel like they are not vibing at the same level anymore. And when you lose the excitement from the beginning you might be asking yourself a lot of questions.


If you feel like it’s getting hard, let me tell you: it is totally normal 


Now, this doesn't mean you have to do this alone and there are no tools to help you.


We have considered the past-honeymoon phase as boring and sad. Even something to escape from or avoid. But what if instead, this phase was when things started to get even more exciting...


If you want to invest in your relationship, take this opportunity to REALLY get to know your partner, to work as a real team together. 


You actually want to find more harmony, fun, and ease on a daily basis this is for you. Without having to start a heavy process such as a couple's therapy. But instead to learn tools and practical tips you can start implementing right away. 

True story

I am offering you this No-Therapy Express Couple Coaching because I have been EXACTLY there before. I have gone through this over and over with my ex-boyfriends. After a while, it felt like we couldn’t communicate and the relationship felt broken. After about 1 year and a half, our bond would start to deteriorate, making me doubt I should even be together with that person.


I realize now I didn't have the tools - from the beginning - to thrive in my relationships.

"I had tried couple's therapy before yet it was too heavy.

It asked us too much energy, we ended up never going back, it was too much on us."

So what changed?


Today, I am with someone who is very different from me. After a while, though we did love each other very much, we also both felt like there were many things about the other that we couldn't really understand, and it did have an impact in our communication and general couple harmony. 


Then I got certified in PCM (Process Communication Model). This model is widely used in the professional world to help with team work, sales and recruiting for example (NASA astronaut candidates are required to take this test to make sure they are the right fit to go to space... just that!).

When I first got my PCM personality inventory I immediately felt understood. It made a lot of sense and provided me with tools that I could use to better deal with my own stress behaviors for example. 

This is when I realized how POWERFUL this would be in a relationship!

My boyfriend did the personality inventory as well and since then we have found how to communicate to each other more efficiently and how to solve or avoid problems all together. 

We know how to take care of our own needs and how to take care or the other person needs. It makes such a big difference! 

For example, my boyfriend is an 'Imaginer" base (one of the 6 PCM personalities). That means he needs a lot of time by himself to recharge. I, on the contrary, am a "harmonizer" base, which means I need to feel seen and cared for and to spend time with my loved ones. Mmmh... pretty opposite! 

When he is grumpy I know realize that he needs to recharge by being alone. So I provide that space without taking it personally. Before, I would have been trying to spend more time with him which would have only agitated him even more. Now after a moment by himself, he naturally comes back to me. Which is exactly what I need from him. 

What it is... and what it is not!

What it's not:

  • It's not a therapy

  • You won't be reviving your childhood traumas

  • I won't ask you awkward big life questions

  • We won't go into your couple's traumas (past problems, cheating, etc.) 

  • You don't have to overshare your feelings with me

What it is:

  • A fun and light process to understand yourself and your partner better based on the Process Communication Model.

  • We will talk together about the followings: 

    • Your personality type​ and your strengths

    • What is important for both of you

    • What you are most and least comfortable with

    • What your psychological needs are

    • How to deal with your own stress and the one of your partner

  • Practical tips curated for your two unique personality inventories that you can start using right away.

  • A compilation of the best tips I learnt from relationships experts such as John Gottman, Yvon Dalaire and Esther Perel to only mention a few. 

What do you get:

  • 1x PCM personality test online per person - 2 total

  • 3x 1h30 couple coaching ZOOM sessions with me

  • 2x reports to take home per person: one summary report and one individual deep-dive report with your individual strengths, what you need to work on, your psychological needs, your stress sequences...

  • 1x personalized action plan for each of you that can be used in different areas of your life (couple, work, friendship, family...)

  • 1x personalize action plan for your couple that you can refer to at anytime

  • Immediate actionable tips & exercises to do individually and together

  • Additional support by email or Whatsapp after the sessions if needed (for questions that can be answered by email/Whatsapp). 

In practice 

  • Pre-session: online test  (100€/test – 200€ for 2)

  • Session #1: Your two personality types (worth 200€ for 1h30 session)

  • Session #2: Psychological needs and stress sequences (worth 200€)

  • Session #3: Action plan and exercises + specific situations (worth 200€)


Total Price: 280€ /person (worth 400€)


*Possibility to add additional sessions for only 120€ each after the 3 included sessions. 


>> This is ONLY open for the month of February and March 2021 <<

The No-Therapy Express Couple Coaching

3 sessions to rekindle the spark in your relationship

  • Get a deeper meaningful relationship where each partner feels seen and understood.

  • Go from struggling to communicate with your partner to understanding how to say things more smoothly.

  • Go from escalating arguments to understanding your partner’s needs.

  • Go from taking things personally to understanding who your partner is and feeling serene that it has nothing to do with you.

  • Go from not knowing how to handle your partner’s stress to successfully inviting him/her out of their stress behaviors.


  • One of us knows you personally. Can we still get coached by you? 

    Not a problem! Since this is not a therapy, the fact that I know you won't affect the process. There is no side-taking! Knowing you might actually help us in the process. 


  • Is that a process that we need to redo multiple times?

    With the 3 sessions we will do together, you will already have plenty of information that will be available to you at all times, and that can be enough for you. If you want to go deeper you can book additional sessions for 120€. I’m also always available if you have any questions afterward through emails and Whatsapp. 


  • Are we going to have to talk about our relationship and past experiences?

    We won't dig into your past. The goal is to work on the present to improve the future. Only if you want we can talk about past situations.


  • What If I’m the only one who wants to do it?

    Message me and let's do a quick discovery call together to understand the situation better. Forcing the other person is not going to work. If your partner really doesn't want to do it, I recommend you to focus on your own growth and go see my other 1:1 offers such as doing the PCM coaching for yourself. As soon as you will start working on yourself, your relationship will also start improving. This might inspire your partner to work on themselves, too. 


  • Could it be cheaper ? 

    The PCM test itself costs 100€ for each person. It is a very specific and trusted organization backed by sciences (and used by NASA and many other companies worldwide). After trying many free tests, I had never found such a visual and easy to remember model that also goes so much into depth, while giving me quick and actionable tips. 

    When you go see a relationship therapist it will cost around 100€ or more four 45 minutes, depending on where you live. My sessions are 1h30 long and I schedule 3 of them because based on my experience with other clients this is the time you need to really understand the model and how to best use it. 

  • Does it work for every couple?

    This No-Therapy Express Couple Coaching is made for couples who don't need therapy. If you are not experiencing major problems, big trust issues, etc. but would like to have more tools to better understand each other, diffuse daily conflicts, improve your communication and rekindle the spark then this is for you. 

    You don’t need to be together for a certain amount of time. It's never too early to start getting the other person better! 

  • Can we do less sessions or more sessions?

    There is a theoretic base that you need to understand. I realized 3 sessions is necessary to be able to absorb it and also make it very personal. But if you realize after the 3 sessions that you would like to go deeper, you can have additional sessions for 120€ per session.