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  • Fiona Grignard

2020 Assessment & 2021 Intentions

2020 has been an unusual year. For some, it has been a trampoline for new projects. For others, it has been a big kick in the face that knocked you down. ⁠

You may have started the year with a big list of things you wanted to accomplish, countries you wanted to travel to, workshops you wanted to attend... and they all got canceled and instead you got a whole bunch of other things you didn't wish for. ⁠

But I am sure if you look closer, 2020 also taught you a lot of valuable lessons and gave you a lot of things to think about and to learn from for the new year.⁠

This year, we are tempted to skip the annual retrospective and assessment to start 2021 as soon as possible. ⁠

Yet... I really believe this is an important exercise to do especially when time is difficult. ⁠

This is not to make you feel bad about all the things you didn't accomplish. But to help you start this new year that is full of opportunities and fresh beginnings on the right foot. ⁠

Looking back and understanding better what has happened in the last 12 months is a powerful tool for the new year. So are you ready to still make the best out of this crazy year? ⁠

I invite you to schedule time to look back at what happened this year. To look at it with a benevolent look, without judgment but with a real desire to grow from it. ⁠

I'm sharing with you my own process and the main questions I asked myself. You can download the document for free by clicking here. ✨⁠

Let me know how this process feels to you this year and don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions. 💛⁠

And don't forget... luck is an attitude.



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