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How I unexpectedly created my own coaching model for fulfilment and meaning : the Daily D.O.S.E.

I wasn't planning on creating a coaching model.

No way! How arrogant?

I never would have dared to imagine I had the knowledge and expertise to do so.

But I needed help.

I needed to understand how to feel better for good.

Here's the thing. 2023 wasn't exactly gentle with me.

(And whose fault was it, sitting on a beach in NYC asking the universe to "bring it on! I'm ready for the next step" ? Next time, I'll be more precise!)

In the course of just a few weeks, I

⚡︎had a huge money surprise,

⚡︎went through a breakup,

⚡︎had a big and stressful health-related surprise,

⚡︎had a car accident,

⚡︎lost my Dad unexpectedly,

⚡︎lost my main client and therefore my financial stability,

⚡︎was diagnosed with adhd,

⚡︎and a few other challenges that didn't make the social media cut.

It was ... well... intense.

The kind of intense that leaves you with tons of things to do and very little energy.

In the middle of summer, these questions started to haunt me :

1. On the long-term : what constitutes the foundations of my well-being, happiness, motivation and drive?
2. On the short-term : when I'm lacking energy or motivation and I absolutely need to keep going, what can I do to recharge my batteries quickly and well?

🤓 So I did my usual thing : I dove into research , podcasts, books and documentaries.

I inhaled content until it started feeling redundant.

And I started creating a checklist for myself.

💪🏼 Physiological things not to forget

🔋 Psychological needs that would fill my emotional bank account

💥 Attitudes that would set me up for success

💉 Quick fixes to regain energy throughout the day

Day after day, I would go back to the checklist.

It seemed to be working.

I added a few more points.

Kept practicing and noticing positive results.

As my friend said to me, "this level of stress would have easily sent someone to the psychiatric ward". But somehow, considering all that was happening, I was pretty much ok. And I was sure that was thanks to the model.

So, after using the model for a few months, I asked myself 💡 "Wait, could that be helpful for other people too?"

I decided to present it to people. Former clients. Former colleagues. Friends. They all gave me surprisingly positive feedbacks and helped me improve the model.

And today, here I am, offering coaching on the very model that I created.

It's called the Daily D.O.S.E.

It's a coaching model and diagnostic tool.

In just 3 sessions, you will

✅ Understand the building blocks of happiness, fulfilment & meaning (for humans in general and for you)

✅ Identify where you currently stand and what it all means for you

✅ Decide the focus area you want to work on

✅ Create a very concrete action plan to start doing the things that will make a difference for you

✅ Start taking action

✅ Take the model back with you and be able to use it forever and ever.

The Daily D.O.S.E. is nothing crazy. But it's very complete, concrete, and actionable.

Don't expect 3-easy-step-to-become-a-sacred-unicorn-and-never-ever-have-a-bad-day-again.

(I know, don't we all want a magic wand? But nothing worth it comes with a magic wand)

I'm not promising you that the Daily DOSE will prevent you from going through the human experience.

There will be great days and there will still be hard ones. Wonderful times and difficult moments. Amazing emotions and hard ones.

But understanding how to recharge your batteries and what makes a long term difference will help make the good days even better and the not so good days easier and shorter.

If you want, you can do a whole coaching program using the Daily DOSE.

But in just 3 sessions, you will already be able to use it on your own.

No strings attached.

Curious? Interested? Got questions?

Send me a message. Let's talk to see if that could be the right coaching for you.


Hey, I'm Fiona 👋🏼

I am obsessed with making life (mine & yours) so freaking worthwhile.

With 10+ years as Psychologist, Coach, Trainer & HR consultant, I do that through:

1 ► 1:1 coaching and psychology sessions to understand what drives you from your core, how to create a life and habits that feel alive and meaningful, and how to use setbacks and failures as a springboard for success

2 ► Trainings on human skills & relationships

3 ► Consulting and coaching on Managerial Culture

I'll leave you here.

And remember:

"Luck is an attitude" 😊🍀

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