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Ready to take the lead of your own life?

To add joy, spice things up, feel confident, and inspired?

That's where I come in! 

- My Ways of Working -

Anooooother coach! 

What makes me unique? 


A holistic approach​

My practice focuses both on the inner and outer work.

The inner work is the transformation of thought patterns, beliefs, emotions, and attitudes about yourself, others, and your environment. It is also the understanding of the origin of blockages and fears, always with the dynamic to reach your goals. The inner work is about your subconscious, the energy, and the vibe that you transmit.

The outer work is the visible and concrete work. The decisions, actions, and behaviors to reach your objectives.

I address some very rational concepts together with a more spiritual approach.

Inner and outer work are closely linked because there is no real transformation without a look at both of them. Working on one without paying attention to the other is like pushing on the gas pedal while using the handbrake. It can work for a while but it's counterproductive. ​


The bridge between

different practices

Still think of the stereotypical shrink listening silently while you lie on his couch?

I couldn't be further from that image!

I juggle between different practices to be the most powerful and helpful to you. 

 Coaching, mentoring & psychology: I ask the questions so your solutions can come up to the surface; we address blockages and how your past and subconscious mind influence your current life; and when appropriate, I share my own experience to inspire you. 

 Training: I  teach you tools and theories that you can then apply in other areas of your life too. 

 Process Communication Model: a very useful personality model that allows you to understand better how you work, your strengths, your needs, and how to deal with your own kind of stress. 

Breathwork, a series of breathing practices to help you deepen your transformation on the emotional and physical levels.



Many exercises

Because I have been frustrated in the past having to wait between sessions to move forward on my personal development.

A coaching work requires you to incarnate your transformation, and that is a daily practice.

Consistency, and learning to enjoy it, is really the key to your growth. I offer you resources related to our work to read or listen to, and exercises to master and see the seeds that we have planted starting to flourish. 


Tested and approved:

I show the example

I am a personal development junkie. Every resource I offer you has been tested, developed, and adapted before being added to my coaching. 

Why? Because I am convinced that we cannot help others without first doing our own work on ourselves. The story of "the worst shod shoemaker", when it's about human beings, it's not that great.


A touch of humor

I am not saying it's always going to be fun. Coaching will make you uncomfortable because that is part of the change.


Nonetheless, it doesn't mean we cannot add a ray of light when it is possible. And for that, you can count on me!

Wanna know more? 
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