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Create theLife

your soul is craving for

It's time to create a life that feels more beautiful & true to yourself. 

▷ You want to find your spark, and bring inspiration & harmony in your personal, professional & relationships day to day. 

▷ You are ready to take charge of your life and to unleash and love your true self. 

▷ You want to understand and outgrow your current blockages.

Good news. Your new life is one decision away.


- Who am I ? - 

Hello, Hola, Aloha, I'm Fiona. 

35 y.o., Belgian. Psychologist. Coach.

To work with a coach means being open and honest; somehow we become partners. You choose your coach among other things (and mainly) for who they are as a person, for their energy, and for the life experience they can share.

▷ So take a minute to discover who I am and if you feel inspired... 

- Client love -


Working with Fiona has been as pleasant as helpful for me. Few months ago, I decided to jump on this coaching adventure with her as I needed help to figure out what I really wanted for my next professional chapter. After a 10-week coaching process, I was feeling more confident and prepared to go further and take the next steps by myself. Four months after our first session, I am still using the very useful tools and tips she gave me.

Fiona is first and foremost guided by the eagerness to give you the tailor made guidance you need. She is gonna challenge you in a very efficient, considerate and indulgent way. If questioning your life or your next professional challenge is not easy, you can 100% count on Fiona's professionalism and kindness to accompany you the best she can!


Fiona is a bowl of fresh air. She brings you a different and joyful outlook. She not only helps identify and understand the source of the problems and the beliefs behind them but she also comes up with a set of exercises and practices to implement in my day.

My Yellow Horizon method is made to create long-term results. I feel better in my body and in my head to make clear decisions that are aligned with my needs.

- Let's connect 

Find me on Instagram & Facebook @myyellowhorizon



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