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Fiona Grignard

at your service

The thing when you work with a multi-passionate generalist like me: it's like I have lead multiple lives. And I definitely have different hats and competences that create a unique puzzle. 

Meet The Team

The coach

I believe that Mindset and Habits are the key to change


                ▶︎ Radical accountability

                ▶︎ Radical acceptance

                ▶︎ The right tools and habits to support our goals

Life is both Messy and Marvelous and that's what makes it beautiful and meaningful. Nothing can prevent us from what it means to have a human experience. But some things make this journey so worthwhile.

I strive to guide my clients to break free from their personal limitations, learn to love themselves fully, and dare to create what makes their ❤︎ sing.


My Values

▶︎ ACCEPT & EMBRACE (Embracing who we are) 

SHUSH & LISTEN (Be truer to ourselves) 

▶︎ ENJOY! WHY SO SERIOUS? (Joy & pleasure) 

 ▷ SEE THE COLLATERAL BEAUTY (Learn from everything)

▶︎ DO IT WITH LOVE (Does that one need an explanation?) 


The Social & Organizational Psychologist

I have a Masters in Social, Work and Organizational Psychology, another one in Business Management and some background in research.

Oh, and I taught Leadership and Organizational Behavior at the Solvay Business School in Brussels back in the days. 

But really, I am just simply passionate (and I mean Passionate!) about all things Human Being, from Self-esteem, Building relationships, Motivation, to Conflict Prevention or Trauma.

The list goes on. 

Intellectual crushes
& digital mentors

Check them out

❥ Simon Sinek (Purpose & Leadership) 

Brené Brown (Leadership & Emotions) 

 Andrew Huberman (Neurosciences)

 Jay Shetti (Philosophy & Relationships)

❥ Gabor Maté (Relationships & Trauma) 

 A bit of optimism (Podcast) • Leaders eat Last (Book)

Dare to Lead (Podcast & Book) • The Call to Courage (Netflix)

Huberman Lab (Podcast) 

 On Purpose (Podcast)

❥ The Wisdom of Trauma (Docu)

(Go ahead, click on the links)

The Trainer

My WHY wouldn't be fulfilled if I couldn't share what I learnt over the years that helped me throughout my life.

Teaching and training is where I thrive. 

I'm a Certified Process Communication Trainer (that's one of those personality models - yes with the colors, but not "that" one. An even better one, you'll see)

Topics : Those human related competences (duh!) that people crave for the most (especially in professional settings) but that are often underestimated : communication, emotions regulation, stress management, leadership, management for new/ future managers, time management.

You get the gist. 


Personality Profiles

Harmoniser (Process Communication)
Influencer / Inspirer (DISC)
Base 7 (Enneagram)

The Leadership  Consultant

10+ years of experience in the consulting, FMCG, fashion and sports industries, roles ranging from admin, recruitment, HRBP, People Development Manager and Head of HR, member of the Strategic Commitee.

I think I can say I know my way around Human Resources now. 

The last few years, I built a brand new HR department in a company that had none and professionalized People processes with convictions (i.e. that people are the #1 asset of a company, so we better take care of them the best way possible )

My WHY (i.e my purpose)
To IGNITE our aliveness
so that we can all feel that


The Woman behind it all

I always have a book in my hands, a podcast in my ears, a documentary in front of my eyes, or a new challenge in my head (and a glass of wine in my hand, but that's another topic).

Basically, the topics I am an expert in today are the ones I used to struggle with in the past...

I find my delicate life-balance 

▷ Traveling solo

▷ Spending time in nature

▷ Having deep conversations

▷ Eating exotic food

▷ Laughing hard 

▷ Sweating my a** off at whatever sports I'm into at the moment 

I am deeply curious and open-minded, I have fun questioning assumptions and playing devil's advocate. I'm a free-spirit who loves to challenge conventions. 

All of that fluently in French, English & Spanish (and less fluently in Italian & Dutch)


Let's work together

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