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Individual Coaching 

For the dedicated individual
ready to create the life their soul is craving for.


You and your personal life

▹ Who are you really? What makes your ❤︎ sing? What makes you unique?

▹ What are the building blocks of a meaningful and joyful life for you?

Who do you want to become?

▹ Are your current mindset and habits leading you to that direction?

▹ How do you deal with the inevitable setbacks and harder times?

Let's create

✓ A big-picture meaningful plan
✓ Concrete daily actions to bring energy, fun & reach your objectives using my 4-step "EDSO 5+6" model
✓ Specific tools for emergency needs and harder times

Your Career

▹ You want to be (or have just become) a new manager and you aspire to be an inspiring leader for the people around you?

▹ You want to integrate your career into your daily life without sacrificing one or the other?

▹ You want to juggle your time as productively & peacefully as possible to reach your ambitious goals?

▹ You're about to hop on a new career challenge, whether a step up or a complete new direction, and you want to show up as best as possible to interviews, onboarding and new roles ?

▹ You're not sure about the direction you're taking and need clarity before taking a leap?

▹ You want to help your team reach their objectives while feeling happy and energized at the same time?

▹ You want to understand more about how humans work to lift your team up and inspire them in good and less good times?

Our work together

✓ Individualized Career Plan 
✓ Concrete steps to Leadership
✓ Career move, job search & onboarding a new role
✓ Specific tools to improve your work with others


Our career is not an impermeable element of our life. It is not separated from our personal time. On the opposite, they both infuse and influence each other.

Whether we work on one aspect or the other, both will benefit from it.

So we work on who you are specifically as a person, to create meaning and a sense that

each aspect of your life contributes to making it so freaking worth living.


Find your WHY

Find out what makes you get out of bed in the morning. Based on Simon Sinek's work. 

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Attachment Styles

Understand how you create relationships, why some of them are sometimes more complicated and how to feel secure and at peace in your connections with others.

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Internal Family System®

The tool that changed my life!

Address blockages and eventual traumas preventing you from going forward smoothly.

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The Blue Zones®

And my 5+6 (not so) boring tips. Create the building blocks for more vitality and a healthier, longer life.

PCM formateur certifié logo_edited.png

Process Communication Model®

The hands-on personality model to understand how you work at your best.


Many neuroscience-backed tools

Meet your needs, improve your focus, reach your goals, do the things when it makes the most sense for you and feel more energetic and recharged.


90€ / session 

(usually between 60 and 90min)

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