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Individual Coaching 

For the dedicated individual
ready to create the life their soul is craving for


Whether you are a future, new or established leader, there is always space for you to grow your human skills, and that's the thing to master if you're managing any kind of team in your company.


Time: From a few weeks to a few months. 

New Role Onboarding

The first few weeks of a new role highly influence the general direction of your experience in that role. Having the right conversations and asking yourself the right questions from the start will set you up for success. 

This is valid in all cases, and especially if you maybe had a bad experience in the past and want to make sure you start on the right foot for this one.

Time: 3 to 4 sessions over 4 months.

Find your WHY

Identify your purpose, clarify your values and your Golden Circle, what will actually make a difference in fulfilling you in your life, according to Simon Sinek's principles. 

Time: 3 sessions over 2 months.


Improve your relationship with yourself and the external world, at work or at home. 

You shouldn't wait to be in a leadership position to become the leader of your life. 

This coaching is really for everyone who wants to grow, deepen their understanding of who they are, accept themselves, improve their relationships and take action on their goals. 

Time: From a few weeks to a few months. 

Career Coaching

Whether you want to take your current career to the next level or you're thinking of changing careers altogether, being accompanied on this journey to redefine your career statement can be highly beneficial to gain focus and clarity on your next steps from creating your new career plan to preparing for job interviews.

Time: From a few weeks to a few months. 


90€ / 60-90min session 

Clients Love


Working with Fiona has been as pleasant as helpful for me. Few months ago, I decided to jump on this coaching adventure with her as I needed help to figure out what I really wanted for my next professional chapter. Four months after our first session, I am still using the very useful tools and tips she gave me. Fiona is first and foresmost guided by the eagerness to give you the tailor made guidance you need. She is gonna challenge you in a very efficient, considerate and indulgent way. If questioning your life or your next professional challenge is not easy, you can 100% count on Fiona's professionalism and kindness to accompany you the best she can!

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