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  • Fiona Grignard

The surprising moment when you actually need to go see a coach

Most people think about going to therapy or getting any kind of support at one very specific moment: when there is nothing else to do.

They are feeling down, and they have been feeling this way for a while. Things in their personal life, in their business, in their relationship are getting unmanageable. They finally admit they cannot deal with the situation alone, by themselves.

It's very human, and it is also the way that somehow we've been taught about therapy and support...

Life can be hard. It is supposed to be this way. Just go with it. It will get better eventually. Only very depressed people go see a therapist.

Have you ever heard that yourself?

The truth though is: when you are down is the hardest time to go get support. Don't get me wrong here. If you're in one of those moments, you definitely should seek support from a professional to get the tools you need. But what if you could actually avoid that down period at all ?

Don't wait to go see a coach until you are down or depressed.

Coaching and other therapies inevitably ask for investment on your part. There is no such thing as a magical pill you can take that will make everything feels much better. On the contrary, you will be asked to invest in terms of 3 things:

1. Your money

When you ask for help you need to pay your coach or therapist. It has been actually shown that when you invest money into something, you will gain more in return. So trying to go for a cheap service just because they are cheap is not a very good idea. Instead really invest in someone you trust, and you will too feel more invested in the work.

2. Your time

Working on yourself and being committed to yourself take time. Especially at the beginning. If you are not used to spending time meditating, reading inspiring books, cooking nutritious meals, etc... It all takes time. It is a learning experience and we all know learning something new doesn't happen overnight.

3. Your energy.

Last but definitely not least, going into therapy or seeing a coach is going to ask you to invest your best energy. You will learn new concepts, new ways of living and thinking. If you don't have energy to invest, because you're spending the little you have on your current problems, it's probably going to be even more challenging.

If you want things to be different, you will need to act differently and that will require you to invest that money, time and energy.

This is why if you wait until you can’t handle your situation anymore, if you wait to the point you are so tired you can’t get out of bed, if you wait until the fights are so heavy it drains you… Then it will likely be much harder for you to get the results that you need.

That's why it's the hardest moment to start a therapy of any kind. Even if it's also probably the most crucial time to seek support.

So when is the best time to start coaching sessions or a therapy?

You might have guessed already where I'm going with this. The best time is actually when you're feeling at your best. And of course, the thing is, when we feel our best, we rarely think about coaching. Most likely, we then think of all the cool things we can do, the many friends we want to share our high energy with, and the new projects we want to start. And we feel like this will ALWAYS be like this.

Plus, if everything is going well, why should you get support? You don't need any, right?

Get a coach when you are feeling happy!

Well, here are some of the reasons why I advise you to get a coach when you're feeling at the top of the mountain:

  • It's so much easier to learn new things when you have your full mental capacity and you're not busy worrying about important things or dealing with panic attacks.

  • You can take the lessons of your success, and make sure you understand what brought you here and how to stay on this course.

  • It's also way easier to dig into your past "failures" and understand them when you don't feel the weight of their burden. This way, you'll be able to understand them, learn from them, and avoid falling into the same traps.

  • Coaching or mentoring teaches you how to go from good to great. Everything you did, who you are today brought you here. Great. What can you do to make life even better?

So if you currently are at a low point in any area of your life, I can only advise you to get a coach, a therapist, or any kind of professional support.

But if on the contrary, you are currently celebrating success after success, this is the best time to invest in yourself. Trust me, your future self will thank you.

Are you curious about how working with a coach actually work? Email me now or message me on Instagram @myyellowhorizon. I'm only a message away.

And remember, luck is an attitude.


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