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What if you discovered you had 3 years left to live?What would you change TODAY? 

Let's not beat around the bush: if you had 3 months left, you'd probably say, "F**k it," quit your job, and go live your best life under a palm tree or something, right? 

But what if you had 3 years? Long enough that you can't completely go off the rails, but short enough to make you rethink everything. 🤔

We always think we have time and we postpone those important-but-not-urgent things to tomorrow. And then tomorrow. And tomorrow again. 

I'm not gonna throw you the first stone here... 

Before we know it, life slips through our fingers like sand. 

But what if "later" was cancelled? What would you do? How would you change?

Here's the thing: you'd still need to live like an adult. Pay the bills, take care of yourself, all that jazz. 

But knowing the end is close, wouldn't you shift some of your priorities?

Let me make a bold guess here about what you'd do : 

👩🏻‍❤️‍👨🏼 Spend more time with people you love and ditch those who drain your energy? 

✨ Take more risks and pursue those dreams and passions that you keep sidelining? 

🤸🏻‍♀️ Take care of your health (who knows if that can buy you a few more months...)? 

💰 ⏱️ Pay attention to what you spend your money and your time on and actually spend it on what makes a difference in creating precious memories? 

💓 Care less about the external cues of success and ask yourself what makes YOUR heart sing? 

⚡️ Have that difficult conversation you keep avoiding? 

This perspective isn't about fear; it's about clarity. Clarity of what actually matters. 

It's about making every day count, fostering deeper connections with yourself and others, and living a life that feels truly ALIVE. (Because that's what life is supposed to feel like : alive...

Stop waiting for the "perfect moment" to live meaningfully. 

Embrace the urgency, connect deeply, and create a life that, when the time comes, you'll look back on thinking "wow, what a ride! And that was so freaking worthwhile..." 

OK, so let's be honest with ourselves for a second now. 

Maybe you do only have 3 years left to live. Who knows. 

So what changes will you make today?

Here's some of the changes I've been making recently to create more meaning and feel more alive : 

✔︎ ⁠I tell people I love that I love them. A lot. All the time. 

✔︎ ⁠I walk 10k steps each day. (OK, maybe not when it's pouring outside...) 

✔︎ ⁠I'm totally reorienting my career to embrace the fact that I'm a freaking psychologist, coach and trainer, and that there is literally nothing else that I care to do than helping people and companies create a life that feel alive and meaningful to them.


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