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Process Communication: The "Express" Coaching

Process Communication or PCM is a model of personality and communication that makes it possible to know ourselves in-depth, to understand our ways of functioning and our intrinsic motivations, to nourish our psychological needs, and to get out of our stressful behaviors.

Click here to learn more about the model.

Why PCM in coaching?

I was looking for a fun but sophisticated tool, scientifically supported, which would allow me to deepen my knowledge of myself, but also to improve my interactions with others, both from a personal and professional point of view.

First recommended by a colleague and by a friend who is a PCM certified coach, I started to look more into it. We can say that Process Communication was my discovery of 2020, and the coolest tool to better understand human behavior, needs, and motivations.

So I got certified to give training on the subject both in companies but also in my coaching.

Express Coaching

Taking the PCM test allows me and my coachees to get straight to the point and really understand the personality profile of the person in front of me and give them clear and precise tools adapted to their unique situation.

Taking the test can help you, for example, to:

  • Manage conflicts at work or in your relationships;

  • Communicate more effectively with your partner, boss, or family members;

  • Have a clear and effective communication during presentations, meetings or simply on a daily basis;

  • Make yourself understood if you feel like you are not on the same wavelength as your colleagues, friends or family.

In practice

PCM express coaching goes like this:


  • You take the online inventory: a series of questions (MCQ) to be answered in the comfort of your home a few days in advance: on your attitudes, what matters to you, how you react to different situations, etc.

  • From these questions, the algorithm draws up your personality inventory that I receive directly and that we analyze during the session.


  • I will explain the basics of the model to you in general then we will focus directly on you and your inventory: the strengths on which to rely, your motivations and deep needs, how to adapt your communication style and your living environment, and of course how to avoid (at best) or manage (at worst) stressful situations.

  • I leave you with some exercises to do at home so that you can familiarize yourself with the model and understand it and yourself better.

  • You also receive a document containing your detailed personality profile with an individualized action plan.


We meet to clarify any doubts and see how you have already been able to apply the model and raise other themes and deepen it a little more.


Would you like to have tools to adopt a more peaceful communication and manage the conflicts that arise within your relationship? You don't want to embark on a couple's therapy lasting several months but you still feel that you need a helping hand to find your bond? Taking the PCM test as a couple may be an ideal solution for you!

If you do the coaching as a couple, I focus not only on each of you, but also of course on how to use the model to better understand the other partner, to have a more harmonious relationship, easier communication, and fewer tensions on a regular basis.

Click here to learn more about the no-therapy express couple coaching with PCM.

And for parents, I even have a book written especially for the education of children (and teenagers), full of concrete examples and advice to apply directly.

To learn more about how I use the PCM in my life, click here.

Are you interested? Want to know more? Come chat with me! Send me an email at or send me a DM on Instagram @myyellowhorizon

In the meantime, continue to take care of yourself, to shine, and to keep growing.

... and don't forget! Luck is an attitude!


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